Friday, September 25, 2009

No peace with terrorists!

The hypocrisy of Benjamin Netanyahu's UN speech

What chutzpah! Why should CFR Benjamin Netanyahu invoke the Holocaust when he's collaborating with Nazi Muslims to dismember the Jewish homeland? Isn't that hypocrisy? How can CFR Benjamin Netanyahu invoke the Holocaust when he aids and abets twisting parts of the Promised Land of Israel into an accursed Palestine? Isn't that hypocrisy? Such a perversion of the holy Land of Israel meant for the Children of Israel (not hateful Ishmaelites who are sworn enemies) wouldn't only be a thorn in Israel's side but a constant clear and present danger and source of friction - just like the Military Industrial Complex would order.

How can Netanyahu condemn Holocaust-denier Ahmanijedad while collaborating with Holocaust-denier Mahmoud Abbas? Isn't that hypocrisy? How can Netanyahu dare preach to the world about the Holocaust and facing the dangers Iran presents when he shamefully endangers Israeli men, women, children and babies in strollers by rewarding terrorism? By disgracefully ignoring there is no difference between Hamas and Fatah? That both terrorist organizations call for the destruction of Israel, whether phased destruction or immediate? Why foolishly remain in denial about Fatah? Is he unteachable?

How can Netanyahu decry the miserable failure of Israel's bizarre ethnic cleansing of 8,000 Jews for "peace," hatefully uprooting 21 Jewish pioneering communities (settlements), and how Gaza instead became a hornet's nest of terrorism, a war zone, when many clearly warned that's exactly what would happen, when he's ready to cruelly evict more Jews and destroy more Jewish homes? Has he no shame? Is he unteachable? How can Bibi fail to learn the lessons of the Holocaust and Gaza?

If Netanyahu truly believes "the Jewish people are not foreign conquerors in the Land of Israel. This is the land of our forefathers...We are not strangers to this land. It is our homeland," then why hatefully speak of dividing the land? Why be double-minded and despise Israel's God-given inheritance and dishonor Abraham, Isaac and Jacob? Why does Judaism's holiest site - the Temple Mount - remain Judenrein for the most part? Is Israel so weak it needs the affirmation or approval of the world to love and defend its people and land? Israel needs to break free from such a ghetto-mentality!

If Israel truly wants peace, based in reality and not wishful thinking, they must learn the lessons of the Holocaust, they must learn the lessons of Gaza, and reject "risks for peace" and enforce peace through strength!

Let Netanyahu and every Israeli and Jewish leader hear and know this:

“No Jew is at liberty to surrender the right of the Jewish Nation and the Land of Israel to exist. No Jewish body is sanctioned to do so. No Jew alive today has the authority to yield any piece of land whatsoever. This right is preserved by the Jewish people throughout the generations and cannot be forfeited under any circumstance. Even if at some given time there will be those who declare that they are relinquishing this right, they have neither the power nor the jurisdiction to negate it for future generations to come. The Jewish Nation is neither obligated by nor responsible for any waiver such as this. Our right to this land in its entirety, is steadfast, inalienable and eternal. And until the coming of the Great Redemption, we shall never yield this historic right.”

Monday, September 21, 2009

Justice pursues president usurper Obama!

Orly Taitz: the Alexander Solzhenitsyn in this Constitutional crisis!

I will respond to Judge Land’s outrageous attack and threat of sanctions. This is very similar to what I have seen in the communist dictatorship in the Soviet Union.
- Notice. Important
September 20th, 2009

God bless you Orly Taitz! You're the Alexander Solzhenitsyn in this Constitutional crisis created by the president usurper, speaking truth to power, demanding Emperor Obama stop keeping America in the dark and start bringing documents to light to prove whether or not he is a natural born citizen!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Obama's foolish pressure on Israel will backfire

Dear Friends,

Women in Green mourn, together with the rest of the nation, the death of Lt Assaf Ramon, son of the late Israeli astronaut Ilan Ramon, killed in a IAF (Israel Air Force) training accident. We pray that Hashem should give the Ramon family the strength to overcome this additional tragedy.

Assaf's father, Colonel Ilan Ramon was an Israeli hero and will be remembered for his heroism not only as the first Israeli astronaut in space but also for his patriotism, his IAF career and his Jewish pride. Col. Ramon brought with him into space: a Kiddush cup, a mezuzah, a Book of Psalms, a Chumash and a picture drawn by 14 year old Peter Ginz who was murdered in Auschwitz Death camp in 1944. He also ordered Kosher food. He told the Israeli public and the Jewish world it was "to emphasis unity of the Jewish people and Jewish communities abroad."

It is our duty to continue the legacy of Ilan and Assaf - a legacy of Jewish pride and love and devotion for Israel.

Reminder: Next week, Wednesday, September 23rd, WOMEN IN GREEN's CHIZUK TRIP to the Jewish outpost communities in Binyamin and Samaria.

A special Erets Israel day in which we come to strengthen and come back strengthened!!

Please register today by calling Elisheva at 052-300-3689.

Program: leaving the Inbal hotel at 9:00 am with famous tour guide Arye Klein from Kiryat Arba Hevron.
The tour is in Hebrew with English translation. We will visit Bnei Adam, Mitzpe Yossef, Chavat Ronen (area of har Bracha) and Charesha (Binyamin region). Approximate return around 3:30pm.

Fee: 30 nis to cover part of the expenses.

Jewish pride and love and devotion to Israel also means to be able to stand up for what is in Israel's interest, and not caving in to U.S. or European pressure.

As Prof. Yoram Ettinger points out in his excellent article below, leaders of Israel in the past have been able to withstand U.S. pressure. There's no reason our own Prime Minister shouldn't do the same.

With love for Israel,

Nadia Matar
Women in Green

A Guide to US Pressure
by Yoram Ettinger
September 14, 2009

Fact: In 1950, the US Administration pressured Israel to refrain from Jewish construction in Jerusalem and from declaring Jerusalem the capital of Israel. Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion built, relocated government agencies and thousands of immigrants to Jerusalem, and declared Jerusalem the capital of the Jewish State.

In 1967, the US Administration pressured against annexation of eastern Jerusalem. Prime Minister Levi Eshkol annexed, reunited Jerusalem, and built the formidable Ramat Eshkol neighborhood.

In 1970, the US Administration pressured Israel to relinquish control over parts of Jerusalem. Prime Minister Golda Meir constructed the neighborhoods of Gilo, Ramot and Neveh Yaakov (with a current population of over 100,000).

The US Administration pressured; Israel constructed, Jerusalem expanded and the Jewish State earned strategic respect.

Fact: In 1948, the US Department of State, the Pentagon and the CIA pressured Ben-Gurion to avoid a declaration of independence. In 1961, President John F. Kennedy pressured to stop the construction of Israel's nuclear reactor. In 1967, President Lyndon Johnson pressured against preempting the Egypt-Syria-Jordan military offensive.

In 1977, President Jimmy Carter pressured Prime Minister Menachem Begin to abstain from direct negotiations with President Anwar Sadat of Egypt. Instead, he wanted Begin to participate in an international conference focusing on the Palestinian issue and Jerusalem. In 1981, President Ronald Reagan pressured Prime Minister Begin against bombing Iraq's nuclear reactor.

Defiance of pressure entails short-term cost, but enhances long-term national security. Submission to pressure exacerbates pressure. Fending off pressure is required in order to attain strategic goals; avoiding pressure - through concessions - leads to abandoning strategic goals.

Fact: US public and Congressional support of Israel is robust. The Rasmussen Report documents 70% support (August 10, 2009) and Gallup ranks Israel as the fourth-favored ally (March 3, 2009).

Seventy-one senators signed an August 10, 2009 letter calling upon President Barack Obama to shift pressure from Israel to the Arab countries. The Democratic Chairman of the House Foreign Relations Committee, Howard Berman, called upon Obama to end his preoccupation with settlements. The Democratic Majority Leader, Steny Hoyer, resents Obama's opposition to Jewish construction in eastern Jerusalem.

The strongest (Democratic) Senator, Daniel Inouye, Chairman of the Appropriations Committee, is the most effective supporter of the US-Israel connection since 1948. Obama cannot get his legislative agenda passed without Inouye's support. While Congress has reservations about Israel's settlements policy, Congress also opposes sanctions against Israel.

Fact: Following the 1991 Gulf War, Israel asked for emergency assistance, which George H.W. Bush and James Baker rejected. Congress supported the request and Israel received $650 million in cash and $700 million in military systems. In 1990, Bush/Baker attempted to cut 5% of the foreign aid to Israel, on account of Israel's settlements activity. Congress opposed and the initiative was rescinded.

The American Legislature and the Executive branch of government are equal-in-power and fully independent of each other. The US Congress has been a systematic bastion of support for the Jewish State since before 1948.

Fact: President Obama has been transformed from a coattail president to an anchor-chained president, taking a dive from a 65% approval rating in January to less than 50% in September. It is the sharpest decline in recent decades, other than President Gerald Ford's (due to his pardon of Richard Nixon). Thus, Democratic House candidates and members are experiencing the lowest ebb in two years, while Republicans enjoy a systematic edge. Obama is confronted by an effective Blue-Dog Democratic opposition.

Fact: President Obama exercises psychological pressure against Israel. He cannot exert an effective tangible pressure. He was not elected to uproot Jewish settlements and prevent Jewish construction in Jerusalem. His political future - and that of Democratic legislators - does not depend on these issues.

The Arab-Israeli conflict is not among Obama's top priorities and his position on Israel is not compatible with that of most Democrats. Obama needs the support of Israel's friends on Capitol Hill in order to advance his primary domestic, national security and international agendas.

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Monday, September 14, 2009

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Black radical Jones quits!

White House green jobs czar Van Jones resigns

WND led the campaign that exposed the plain truth about the racist and extremist Van Jones - vital information the treacherous msm worked hard to suppress, even as they're guilty of doing concerning the president usurper's arrogant refusal to prove he is a natural born citizen. Justice will prevail, even if it takes time.