Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Gaza War

"Let's remember that the Israeli Left laughed at us in 1993 when we warned that the criminal and shameful Oslo agreements would bring katyushas to Ashkelon and Ashdod. The Left even called us "hysterical warmongers."Let's remember that when the IDF had full control over Gaza and Jews lived and flourished in Gush Katif, there were no katyushas on Israel at all. Only when the IDF abandoned Gaza in the year 2000, did the katyushas start falling; first on Gush Katif and Sderot and after the expulsion the Arab kassams reached Ashdod and Ashkelon."
About the Gaza War (Women in Green)

Monday, December 29, 2008

Like a Black Hole

"The government can only get so big before the country goes broke."
- Ron Paul

WE ARE BROKE and have been for years! With Obama, that fraud and foreigner occupying the White House, a Black African Marxist, this isn't going to be BAD BUSINESS as usual, it's going to see the United States go from a first class country to a Third World nightmare, exploited by the German-EU (destined to deal us the death blow). The government will collapse, with our economy, and like a black hole, suck everything into it.


Sunday, December 28, 2008

Drops the Bomb on Gaza!

Gazan terrorist acts against Israel receives weak response

Those who continue to delude themselves that peace is possible with Nazi Muslims have their heads buried in the sand. It's past time the Israelis enforce peace through strength, expel their sworn enemies as Moses commands and former Israeli Parliament Member and rabbi Meir Kahane courageously called for (murdered by another Arab terrorist in NYC linked to the WTC bombing), and encourage Jewish pioneers to return to the biblical territories (they were cruelly removed from by "right-wing" Ariel Sharon with George Bush, alleged "friend of Israel," aiding and abetting, rewarding terrorism and punishing the innocent).


Started listening to HWA in the late 50's

Started listening to HWA in the late 50's

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Mandela is the problem, not the solution, Breyten

Die nuwe Suid-Afrika - Mandela is the problem, not the solution, Breyten

Mandela is the problem, not the solution, Breyten
By Anton Barnard.

An enormous controversy has predictably arisen following Breyten Breytenbach's letter to Nelson Mandela. The letter in question is a rambling, incoherent piece of writing, proving once and for all that Breytenbach has finally lost the plot.

It rambles from a hagiography and ode to Breyten's demi-god, Mandela, interspersed with bitter complaints about crime, but then in almost the same breath expresses sympathy for the perpetrators of violent crime, such as the poor, "thin like praying mantises" (sic) savages of between 9 and 15 years old who stoned to death a girl aged 11, ostensibly because she was HIV+. One wonders why Breytenbach doesn't have the same sympathy for the Skierlik shooter, Johan Nel?

Breytenbach clearly views Mandela as a demi-god, a kind of elderly holy man, who can do no wrong and who, according to Breytenbach, almost single-handedly halted a possible revolution. The former is of course complete hogwash; the monumentally incompetent Mkhonto we Sizwe, the ANC's so-called military wing (primary targets: defenseless civilians) couldn't defeat a girls' soccer team, let alone liberate one square inch of South African territory when faced with the then mightiest army on the continent.

Breytenbach idolizes Mandela as a victim of circumstances and of nefarious businessmen who are exploiting his name, as well as corrupt, criminal politicians who, according to Breytenbach, are destroying Mandela's legacy.

What seems to be totally lost on the seemingly increasingly befuddled Breytenbach is that Mandela, far from being a Gandhi-like figure who eschewed violence, was in fact a violent revolutionary who planned a Communist-inspired revolution in South Africa. This is in fact why he was jailed on Robben Island. Far from being Buddha, Mandela continued preaching violence even after his release from prison. Read here how Mandela and Mbeki seemed to approve of the chant "Kill the Boer" at a funeral, and view this video to see and hear Mandela chanting violent anti-white hate songs.

Far from being a saint, Breytenbach's demi-god, Mandela, is one of those directly and personally responsible for the increasing crime, mayhem and violence in South Africa. Far from being out of control and disloyal to Mandela, the ANC regime, one of the most corrupt kleptocracies on earth, is a monster in whose creation Mandela played a pivotal role.


Samizdat Blog http://www.feedblitz.com/t.asp?/84250/9542539/http://afrikaansegeskrifte.blogspot.com/
For more information visit http://www.dienuwesuidafrika.com/


Why the widow of Alan Paton fled South Africa

Why Black People Have Remained Backward

Warning For America From South Africa

It's A Sin To Vote For Obama!

South Africa's Lame-Duck President

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Jonathan Pollard and Hanukkah

Happy Chanukka to all!

Women in Green wishes all of its friends and members a happy Chanukka.
In these difficult times Chanukka, should give us the strength to continue our ongoing battles. Chanukka is the holiday where we celebrate the victory of proud activist Jews who fought with determination for Jewish freedom and independence in the Land of Israel. Not deterred by being few in the beginning, with many Jews attacking and persecuting them, the Maccabees continued with faith in Hashem and in the justness of their cause and in the end, with G-d's help, were victorious.

We activists for the Land, the People and the Torah of Israel pray to Hashem to give us the strength and the courage to follow in the footsteps of the Maccabees.

One such modern day proud Jewish Maccabee is our brother Jonathan Pollard. Not deterred by what could happen to him personally, he devoted his entire life for the freedom of the Jewish People in the Land of Israel.

Now more than ever there is a chance to get him out of prison. In another 28 days President Bush will leave office. Women in Green call upon all to bombard the White House with phone calls urging President Bush to FREE JONATHAN POLLARD!! Call every day for the next 28 days.

Instructions as to how to call are found below.
In addition, attached is an article explaining once again the Pollard case.

Chanukka sameach,
Ruth Matar - Nadia Matar - Anita Finkelstein
Women in Green
New! Toll-free Israeli Number to call the White HouseJustice4JPnews - November 24, 2008
The Committee to Bring Jonathan Pollard Home has arranged a special telephone number to call the White House that does not require callers to pay long distance charges. This is a local Israeli phone number that rings at the White House in Washington. Using this number 077-5664305, callers are charged as if they had made a regular local call, not a long distance call.

Call the White House!

Leave a message for President Bush:"Free Jonathan Pollard Now!"

Toll-free in Israel: 077-5664305
For those not in Israel, the regular numbers remain in effect:
White House Telephone Numbers:202-456-1111 or 202-456-1414
White House Fax Numbers:202-456-2883 or 202-456-2461
Please call every day!
Monday to Friday- 9AM to 5PM - EDST
RSS: http://www.JonathanPollard.org/rss.htm
* * * * *
Worldnetdaily Exclusive News Analysis:
Did U.S. give WMD to Saddam Hussein?
Case of Jonathan Pollard raises troubling questions
By Richard Cummings
December 21, 2008

U.S.- Iraq Complicity Page
Wye Double-Cross Page
Caspar's Ghost - Weinberger memoir omits key involvement: by Edwin Black
MEQ: Why Jonathan Pollard Got Life - The Victim Impact Statement: by David Zwiebel Esq.
Website: http://www.JonathanPollard.org
RSS: http://www.JonathanPollard.org/rss.htm =============================================
Women For Israel's Tomorrow (Women in Green)
POB 7352, Jerusalem 91072, Israel
Tel: 972-2-624-9887 Fax: 972-2-624-5380
To subscribe to the Women in Green list, please send a blank email message to:
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Obama plays the fool!

Re: Obama to Use Lincoln's Bible

How ignorant can that fraud and foreigner be?

Abraham Lincoln was a White Supremacist

"I will say, then, that I AM NOT NOR HAVE EVER BEEN in favor of bringing about in any way the social and political equality of the black and white races---that I am not, nor ever have been, in favor of making voters or jurors of Negroes, nor of qualifying them to hold office, nor to intermarry with White people; and I will say in addition to this that there is a physical difference between the White and black races which will ever FORBID the two races living together on terms of social and political equality. And inasmuch as they cannot so live, while they do remain together, there must be the position of superior and inferior, and I, as much as any other man, am in favor of having the superior position assigned to the White race."

- Abraham Lincoln


AIDS stereotypes and Gays

Re: "I'm Spartacus!"
23. To: 22rifle (#15)
David Hoover
AIDS from his fudgepacking activities

You wouldn't even know my former name was David Hoover (it's not like it's some dark, dirty secret to mature minds!) if I hadn't written about it in God-given Names and From Toledo to Jerusalem. Do try to get out more often so that those who legally change their names aren't such a shock to your system.

You also wouldn't know I have AIDS if I didn't write about it, but you reveal the difference between night and day: those who learn from information (and are the better for it) and those who abuse what they've been told and turn around and act hateful (that I make reference to within Scarlet Letter: A Christian With AIDS).

Your woeful/willful ignorance is appalling. In your dark mind, you must imagine everybody with HIV or AIDS has the disease due to "fudgepacking activities." You also expose how stereotypical you are about homosexuals. Do all heterosexuals have the same sexual preferences? You need to read and glean from God and the Gays so you can quit embarrassing yourself.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Let Hillary Clinton read these articles

Why Europe Is Furious With Germany
by Brad Macdonald
Germany is stonewalling attempts to rescue Europe’s collapsing economies. What is Berlin’s motivation?

“The United States of Europe”
By Philip Nice

Edward Abington, Jr. and Jimmy Carter

Jimmy Carter proudly becomes Hamas advisor
Former US president says he tried to help Hamas leaders determine demands for hostage Israeli soldier more»

Why Edward Abington, Jr. Must be Investigated!
"The American Diplomat in Arafat's Corner," published in The Jerusalem Report, came as no surprise to me. It was referring to Edward Abington, Jr., the United States' former consul general in Jerusalem who is now "guiding the Palestinians through the labyrinths of Washington. And his firm is being paid $2.25 million for his expertise."

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Setting the Record Straight

I've never lived in Bowling Green

Re: Will Germany Launch a Nuclear Attack on America?
I've never lived in Bowling Green
Submitted by David Ben-Ariel on Sun, 2008-12-21 15:01.

It's amazing how some who set themselves up as "experts on David Ben-Ariel" love to indulge in disinformation. Granted, a few are just careless and confused about their "facts" but others are clearly obsessed (and possibly dangerous) like this disturbed person who has started an internet campaign against me: Steps to Ban "David Ben Ariel"

I was born in Bowling Green, Ohio, and donated a copy of Beyond Babylon to the Bowling Green library, but I have never lived there. BG, to their credit, does look like a rather nice place to live.

My name was David Hoover, but I legally changed it to David Ben-Ariel in 1989, as I testify in God-given Names and From Toledo to Jerusalem.

Facts are racist? I'm a realist. That's why I wrote, in Black Mark on Toledo that you referenced, "Toledo blacks gave Bill White's best sermon." That's the plain truth. Why deny it? Afraid of being called "racist"? (And where in the world did you get any mention of "racial superiority" in that article? You didn't, as any objective reader could easily conclude).

At least you're correct that I was affiliated with the Philadelphia Church of God, which is why I was on both nights of the FOX 25 Special Report in Oklahoma City about the PCG, leading to Gerald Flurry's outrageous attacks against me in full page newspaper ads, misleading folks to believe that I'm a terrorist, misrepresenting the Temple Mount Faithful as a terrorist organization, to deflect criticism of him as a false prophet - even though this star witness (his words) provided him with overwhelming evidence to the contrary, including a State Department letter.


Friday, December 19, 2008

Will Germany Launch a Nuclear Attack on America?

Will Germany Launch a Nuclear Attack on America?

I've always done what I could over the years, with what I've got, to help warn our beloved peoples about the German threat to world peace. Whether by ads or articles or letters to the Editor of newspapers and magazines, since every little bit helps with God's blessing upon it, I do my best to
warn the world.

While doing what I can to help warn the world, I've always encouraged the Sabbath-keeping Church of God to do more, to go public and step away from behind the podium (preaching to the choir), to get the Word out and let our God-given message become a household word, known and debated and discussed everywhere. Our God-given message must reach those high and low, rich and poor, regardless of race or religion or we will have failed our God-given mission.

The Greater Toledo, Ohio area has received the lion's share of my efforts, since that's where I'm from, although I've also reached out to
Judea, Jerusalem, New York and elsewhere.

This ad (shown below) -
Will Germany Launch a Nuclear Attack on America? - appeared several times in The Press newspaper, and a similar ad appeared twice in the AutoTrader (talk about taking it to the streets, reaching the general public!). I've also had a full-page ad in The Toledo City Paper warning about EUROPE'S NEW CRUSADE: "PEACE" FOR THE MIDDLE EAST.

I trust free publicity will offer greater opportunities, and God knows, by His grace, I'll walk through every open door to expand His Work. Your prayers are appreciated.


Freedland doesn't have a clue

Jonathan Freedland has his head in the sand

Re: On air: A four state solution in the Middle East

Jonathan Freedland has his head in the sand. His vain proposals exhibit more hateful idiocy from those who fail to face harsh reality.

Reality check for Mr. Freedland: What part of the Promised Land of Israel don't you get? What part of Jewish homeland don't you understand? His prejudicial language and hostile attitude against the Jewish pioneers is appalling. You would think they're the one engaged in mass murder of innocent men, women, children and babies in strollers like the Nazi Muslims routinely are!

Shame on you, Jonathan Freedland! Why do you aid and abet terrorists? The Arabs will never accept Israel in any deformed shape or political fashion, regardless of how much land they dismember and permit to be Arab-occupied. The biblical solution, as revealed by Moses and called for by former Israeli parliament member, Meir Kahane (murdered by another Arab terrorist) is to expel Israel's sworn enemies and immediately annex the liberated biblical lands, enforcing peace through strength.


Shimon Peres Has No Clothes: Where's the Peace?

Christian Zionists, Jews, and Israel


Thursday, December 18, 2008

Merry Christmas?

Merry Christmas?

What's "merry" about what God condemns? Don't you believe the Bible that whitewashed pagan hollow days are abominations? Aren't you a Christian? National captivity won't seem too merry. Merry national captivity? Merry catastrophe? Think again and have the change of heart God calls upon our nation to experience or suffer the serious consequences!

Christmas condemned!

C.H. Spurgeon on Christmas and Roman Catholicism
Christmas is About Giving -- Says Who?
Why I No Longer Celebrate Christmas
Will God Curse Our Countries for Christmas?


Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Beyond Babylon drops the bomb!

A German-led Europe will strike nuclear terror against US! National destruction, defeat and deportation are on the way! The American, British and Jewish peoples are marked for death!

Beyond Babylon drops the bomb!

Christian Zionists

Re: Christian Zionists: The Real Terrorists

It's nice to know us Christian Zionists "terrorize" the Nazi Muslim sinners in light of our biblical support for the Jewish homeland of Israel, exposing and condemning the darkness of "Palestine" and those who aid and abet its evil.


Sunday, December 14, 2008

Kibbutz Ramat Yohanan

After celebrating the Feast of Tabernacles with the Worldwide Church of God in Jerusalem, in 1982, I continued on to serve as a volunteer at Kibbutz Ramat Yohanan near Haifa in Northern Israel. Ramat Yohanan was the beginning of my kibbutz volunteer service, that ultimately included 8 kibbutzim, a moshav and precious months in Jerusalem! It was at Ramat Yohanan that I met Miriam Weiss, who "adopted" me and became my "kibbutz mother."

The following are pictures of my fellow kibbutz volunteers from Scotland, England, Sweden, France, Germany, the United States, Australia, the Netherlands, etc. at Ramat Yohanan, and on a trip to the Golan Heights, Akko, Rosh Hanikra; a few pictures of Worldwide Church of God member Simcha Gombo and her daughter, Michal, who lived nearby in Kiryat Ata, as well as pictures of Ilan Itzhayek and family (his mother baked a birthday cake for my 33rd birthday) from Kiryat Ata; pictures of Ilan and I in Jerusalem for Hanukkah (where I met Yitzhak Rabin), where, as *David Hoover, I was able to write the preliminary introduction to America Warned! - on the Temple Mount - that has since been published as Beyond Babylon: Europe's Rise and Fall, as well as a picture of Ambassador College graduate Sylvia Owens, during a visit to the Jerusalem Biblical Zoo, and Jerusalem's Liberty Bell Park that includes The Children's Playground sponsored by the Ambassador International Cultural Foundation.

Additional reading:

Israel Work History (Worldwide Church of God)

Herbert W. Armstrong and the Worldwide Church of God Mentioned in Israeli Newspaper

*My name was David Hoover, but I legally changed it to David Ben-Ariel in 1989, as I testify in God-given Names and From Toledo to Jerusalem.
To check out the pictures, click here

Friday, December 12, 2008

Not eligible for a visa until 2005

After my unjust deportation from Israel, the Israeli Embassy informed Senator Mike DeWine that I would not be "eligible for a visa until 2005" - even though false rumors would mislead folks to believe I can never return, which simply isn't true, as these official government letters prove:

Not eligible for a visa until 2005

Why Edward Abington, Jr. Must be Investigated!

Why Edward Abington, Jr. Must be Investigated!

"The American Diplomat in Arafat's Corner," published in The Jerusalem Report, came as no surprise to me. It was referring to Edward Abington, Jr., the United States' former consul general in Jerusalem who is now "guiding the Palestinians through the labyrinths of Washington. And his firm is being paid $2.25 million for his expertise."

Allow the following information to shed light on his less than faithful service to American taxpayers:

"Dear Congresswoman Kaptur: Thank you for your valuable assistance in my pursuit of justice! It's wonderfully refreshing to see some public servants truly helping out their fellow Americans.

It's obvious from Mr. Abington, Jr.'s letter to you that he has strongly held political views that prefers the continued occupation of JUDAISM'S MOST HOLY SITE -- the Temple Mount -- by militant Muslims. Such radical views enable the Muslim extremists to continue to pose a threat to religious Jews and Christians who merely hope to pray on the site...

However historically or biblically inaccurate Mr. Abington, Jr's views are, I believe he is entitled to them. I do not believe his personal views ought to interfere with his public duty. It appears he has DELIBERATELY IGNORED every relevant FACT that PROVED my arrest amounted to political and religious PERSECUTION.

As honestly reported in The Jerusalem Post article he referred to, I wasn't interrogated...by 6 different SECRET SERVICEMEN about the TEMPLE MOUNT because of an "expired visa!" I charged Ms. Leech (his assistant) with complicity in their unjust actions against me for going along with their lie that my visa was expired and for turning a blind eye to their undemocratic ways. I'd given her a letter for Mr. Abington, Jr. to PROTEST MY POLITICAL ABUSE AND RELIGIOUS MISTREATMENT. Since he never bothered to respond, I'm not sure he even received it.

It was difficult to deal with Ms. Leech...since she was quite antagonistic, contending that Israel wanted to deport me because "you wanted to blow up the mosque." When I protested that simply was NOT TRUE, she angrily ordered her assistant, "Go see what he's charged with." He came back and said, "Visa violation." So she KNEW the real reason I was in jail was for being a member of the Temple Mount Faithful, but later went along with their LIE about my visa...

Mr. Abington, Jr. falsely accused me of being proud about my imprisonment. I'm not proud of it nor ashamed, but I do believe in making the most out of a bad situation...Why shouldn't I use my horrible experience to underscore and further the JUST CAUSE of the Temple Mount Faithful? How could anyone fail to understand this?...After all, it's the TEMPLE Mount, not the mosque mount!

Is it too much for an INNOCENT AMERICAN to expect his government to stand up for him? All I've requested from the beginning is for the Consul General to STRONGLY PROTEST my unjust imprisonment and deportation. They know what I say is the truth, but because of their hostile views, they're playing deaf, dumb and blind to the fact that I was a POLITICO-RELIGIOUS PRISONER.

Frankly, they're upset that I refused to go like a lamb to slaughter, but roared like a lion instead - exposing Peres' corruption and their complicity. I will continue to seek justice until it is found."

American Detained in Jerusalem's Russian Compound

Israel's Unjust Deportation of David Ben-Ariel

From Toledo to Jerusalem

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Edward Abington, Jr.'s State Department letter

Due to persistent false rumors that I, David Ben-Ariel, was involved in a plot to blow up the mosques in Jerusalem, even by lying religious leaders like Gerald Flurry of the Philadelphia Church of God (not just enemies of the plain truth of the Bible), I present here the State Department letter from former American Consul General in Jerusalem, Edward G. Abington, Jr. to Ohio Representative Marcy Kaptur. (Jr.'s hostility to the Temple Mount Faithful is explained in Why Edward Abington, Jr. Must Be Investigated! and his dubious character and conflict of interests in Something smells bad).

Edward Abington, Jr.'s State Department letter

Not exactly laying low, is it?

Re: Is David Ben-Ariel a Terrorist?

You and cause you're likely guilty of terrorism.

That's not true or the Israelis would have produced their evidence, charged and convicted me...but nothing of the sorts! Give up your detective work. You don't have a clue.

Most physchologists I've read suggest that your flurry of denial is overcompensation.

So irrefutable FACTS that blast false accusations are "overcompensation"? Sounds like you had better quit reading quack psychology and just use some common sense.

Someone who's not guilty would pass such claims off as rediculous and be done with it.

That's normally what I would have done too, but once they detained me in the rotting Russian Compound for weeks and engaged in their disinformation campaign against me, it demanded and received a proper rebuttal. Furthermore, what person would be involved in any such alleged plot (but never officially charged, which speaks volumes for those not hard of hearing) and then 1) write a controversial article published in Jerusalem and read throughout Israel (and now the world) about the Temple Mount and the nefarious intentions of the Germans and Jesuits toward Jerusalem?

Not only that, 2) the Israeli police knew all about my honest attempt to exercise my Christian religious rights (Israel professes to respect) upon the Temple Mount, several months prior to publication of said article, and how they removed me - rather than the threat - from the Temple Mount? They stressed they wanted me to know they were only protecting me. So much for laying low if I were involved in any such plot. In light of all these facts on the ground, it's crazy to even suggest I was involved in anything remotely suspect! But then, apparently facts don't matter to some, do they?

Exposing the German-Vatican Plot to Occupy Jerusalem
The one time The Traveller did run a political piece, it ruffled feathers with the local authorities. In 'Will Jerusalem become an international city?' by American writer David Ben-Ariel, readers were warned about a German-Vatican plot to take over Jerusalem, urged to take back the Temple Mount and dislodge 'as symbols of foreign occupation' Al-Aqsa Mosque and the Dome of the Rock.

A House of Prayer For All Peoples?
Jewish guards prevent Christians and Jews from exercising their religious right to pray on the Temple Mount? That's right! Only Muslims have unlimited access to Judaism's most holy site. Only the Koran is permitted within. The Tanach (Jewish Scripture, known to much of the world as the "Old Testament") and Christian Scriptures (the New Testament) are forbidden. Yet Israel claims to respect the religious rights of all people.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Star Witness testifies against Gerald Flurry

Star Witness testifies against Gerald Flurry

Gerald Flurry's latest fusillade - cheap shots in The Edmond Sun and The Oklahoman newspapers - unfortunately reveals he has failed to repent of his character assassination attempts against me, and foolishly digs himself in deeper before both God and man.

In light of this darkness Gerald Flurry has exposed about himself, any objective reader would consider his complaints about FOX 25 News as sheer gall and rank hypocrisy! His wild-eyed allegations that they're trying to "stop" him are making him sound mad, and portray the Philadelphia Church of God as paranoid and very cultic!

"On October 16, Winkler made contact with an alleged terror-sympathizer who had been deported from Israel. This star witness wrote on his blog about Winkler’s intent to do a story on the PCG and said it would run in late November."

Terror-sympathizer? Has Gerald Flurry completely gone off the deep end? Is the Pastor General of the Philadelphia Church of God so far removed from reality he doesn't recognize he's way off base? Let the PCG beware! If the blind lead the blind they both fall into the ditch.

This "star witness" testifies that I sent that same preemptive information to the Philadelphia Church of God (about an imminent FOX 25 report) and would have given them greater details if they had asked for more, but since I was blacklisted by the PCG for writing Beyond Babylon without being an ordained minister, they failed to do so and gave me the cold shoulder, failing to show the love of God and Jesus Christ.

Will Gerald Flurry repent and humbly submit to the facts presented in my honest articles that clearly refute his hateful nonsense against me, with certified letters from the State Department, the Israeli government, information from The Jerusalem Post, and other trustworthy sources or have his feelings carried him away beyond the pale?

Gerald Flurry's Outrageous Attack Against David Ben-Ariel

Is David Ben-Ariel a Terrorist?

The Temple Mount Faithful is not a terrorist organization!

Is Gerald Flurry a False Prophet?

David Ben-Ariel is a Christian Zionist writer and author of Beyond Babylon: Europe's Rise and Fall. Check out http://www.davidbenariel.org/

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Gerald Flurry and the PCG

Is Gerald Flurry a False Prophet?

If only Gerald Flurry would apply Malachi's Message to himself, he wouldn't have the demonic audacity to anoint himself as "THAT PROPHET" (a title reserved for Jesus Christ), he would humbly hear the Sabbath-keeping Church of God members' legitimate questions and concerns about some of his teachings and dictatorial ministers (like Dennis Leap) rather than angrily "execute" them with excommunication.

Is Gerald Flurry a false prophet? Folks should beware that Gerald Flurry calls himself a prophet. He's taken to himself numerous spiritual titles like a modern day Nimrod, magnifying himself. His son Stephen Flurry sheepishly said on FOX 25 news the PCG considers Mr. Flurry speaks for God and is a prophet. I believe he does, based upon the biblical definitions of a prophet, to the extent it's solidly based upon the Bible and not his private interpretations, and that we should listen to him the same way Jesus Christ said to view the Pharisees - do as they say, but not as they do!

Gerald Flurry (through PCG tithes and offerings) bought and paid for Herbert W. Armstrong's books and booklets from the apostate Worldwide Church of God (rather than go to jail, if necessary, to continue using them without paying the devil for them at extortionate price), so at least he offers the plain truth of the Bible - on those subjects - to anybody who requests them, for free. But is that so he can fleece their soul? Is that to disarm them, to mislead them to imagine everything is kosher in his PCG kingdom, and then devour them? Is that his covering when inwardly he's a ravenous beast who has abused Church of God members' minds and attacks their critical thinking abilities as being "disloyal" to the "government of God?"

Is Gerald Flurry a wolf in sheep's clothing? It certainly appears that way, grieved to say, so I hope and pray Gerald Flurry repents of his arrogance, of his presumptuous religious titles, and remembers the truth, the excellent principles, he has written in Malachi's Message (some say it was plagiarized and it appears to have been), and bless God's people and do a great work that has substance and not just shell - vainly seeking to impress this world, becoming an enemy of God in the process - and boldly warn the world (like the watchmen are called to do) and preach the GOOD NEWS of the Kingdom of God that will save mankind from itself, rescue us from the brink of extinction, so help him God!

Otherwise, it appears this world's only hope to hear the plain truth of the Bible and history again (not that they will receive it), in a powerful way, from pure servants of God free of personal ambition and ulterior motivation, will be the brilliant testimony of the Two Witnesses soon to take an international stand in Jerusalem.

For Zion's sake,
David Ben-Ariel

Author, Beyond Babylon: Europe's Rise and Fall

Monday, December 8, 2008

The Temple Mount Faithful is not a terrorist organization!

The Temple Mount Faithful is not a terrorist organization!

[T]o support the slanderous and unsubstantiated accusations, Fox 25 primarily relied on testimony from... a man that the Israeli police suspects of being involved in terrorist activity.

Well, we tried to warn them. Last night I found out that a blogger by the name of David Ben-Ariel

a little-known blogger

Our church briefly communicated with David Ben-Ariel in the early 1990s. But we quickly cut off all contact after learning about his bizarre and even radical views. In 1996, while in Israel as an active member of the Temple Mount Faithful, Ben-Ariel -whose name used to be David Hoover - was detained by Israeli police and interrogated for six hours for allegedly plotting to blow up the Al-Asqa Mosque in order to clear the way for a third Jewish temple to be built.

Israeli authorities kept Ben-Ariel in prison for several weeks during the investigation. While in jail, according to the Jerusalem Post (Feb. 1, 1996), Ben-Ariel petitioned Israel's High Court of Justice for his release while Israeli authorities decided whether to prosecute the Christian-Zionist or deport him back to the States. Ben-Ariel's request for release was denied. Soon after, he was deported

That's the kind of potentially dangerous influence our church avoids associating with

that man's troubling background

may have been part of a terrorist plot in Jerusalem

Philadelphia Church of God ministers, Messrs. Gerald and Stephen Flurry, made passing references to the Temple Mount Faithful, Israeli police and Israeli investigations of David Ben-Ariel (little ol' me), and included inflammatory false accusations of "dangerous influence" and warning FOX 25 about me. Surely the PCG understands how the charge of an Israeli investigation would unfairly prejudice readers against me.

Dangerous Ideas?

Messrs. Gerald and Stephen Flurry simply hurled that fire bomb at me in their full page ad in The Oklahoman to damage my promotional work and undermine Beyond Babylon that contains our biblical beliefs, because they're not in control - they don't call the shots - and it exposes the work that they're not doing, as effectively as they could! The Catholic Church saw to it that "heretics" were burnt at the stake and Flurry and cultic company engage in smear campaigns, character assassination, against those who dare to disagree with them!

If I had been a federal agent or Israeli agent reading their slanderous report, it certainly would have raised concerns in my mind about David Ben-Ariel. Why would the Philadelphia Church of God attempt to frighten Oklahomans against David Ben-Ariel and the Temple Mount Faithful who are both Bible believers and law-abiding?

Gershon Salomon, chairman of the Temple Mount Faithful, regularly works with the Israeli authorities in preparation, coordinating efforts in Jerusalem, for his legal demonstrations to protest ongoing religious discrimination against Christians and Jews in Israel, and as a hero from Israel's Six Day War in 1967, having helped to liberate the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, Mr. Salomon is known by every Israeli and completely above ground and level-headed.

I informed the Israeli police who conducted an investigation about me, due to a controversial article published in Jerusalem (Exposing the German-Vatican Plot to Occupy Jerusalem) that includes many of the same beliefs the PCG shares, that I respected it was their duty to investigate any legitimate concerns they might have, but that they condemn themselves if after they discover my innocence (which they did, "lacking sufficient evidence" to charge or convict me of anything of the sort), they continued to treat me like some common criminal! They informed The Jerusalem Post, as reported on the front page of The Jerusalem Post (Jan. 9, 1996), they "lacked sufficient evidence..." against me.

Did you get that? It bears repeating since apparently Gerald and Stephen Flurry failed to get it or wickedly ignored it: the Israeli police informed The Jerusalem Post, as reported on the front page of The Jerusalem Post, they "lacked sufficient evidence..." against me. So why would professing Christian church leaders fail to give me the benefit of the doubt, cast aspersions on my character, and play the charade of feeling the need to distance themselves from me? Especially when they're acting so self-righteously indignant over such tactics they feel have been used against them? Doesn't that appear as sheer gall and rank hypocrisy before both God and man?

Still at Large!

As for law enforcement officials in this country, I've reported on how the FBI investigated a false accusation against me, how I welcomed them and went over and beyond being helpful by providing them complete access to my computer's hard drive without a warrant to do so, and on another occasion appreciated their support when they tracked a death threat against me to East Jerusalem.

All things considered, as a practicing Christian Zionist (nothing to be ashamed of), I forgive Messrs. Gerald and Stephen Flurry for their misleading references to me, and thank our Great Creator God, the God of the Bible, the God of Israel, for offering me this opportunity to again clear my name of all these false charges some hope to keep alive, hateful opponents of the plain truth of the Bible and history that I dare to share. Perhaps the PCG can help to make amends with the maligned Temple Mount Faithful by writing an objective article about them in The Philadelphia Trumpet magazine and/or offering a generous donation to their biblical cause.

Gerald Flurry's Outrageous Attack Against David Ben-Ariel

Is David Ben-Ariel a Terrorist?
From Toledo to Jerusalem


Friday, December 5, 2008

Michael Medved

Re: Michael Medved: Right wing fringe damaging Republican Party
Dec 5, 2008

Michael Medved could become a better Jew and follow Judaism to the Jewish homeland, as it requires. No need to stay among us Joes (descendants of Joseph, not Judah), when Israel is calling!

The Untold Story

Stephen Flurry and The Philadelphia Church of God

Stephen Flurry, son of Gerald Flurry, pastor general of the Philadelphia Church of God (based in Edmond, Oklahoma), has published a book that Amazon sells, Raising the Ruins: The Fight to Revive the Legacy of Herbert W. Armstrong.

It's promoted as "the shocking, gripping untold story of the doctrinal hijacking and spiritual destruction of the Worldwide Church of God after the death of its founder." Yet it basically REPEATS what Malachi's Message taught: "Malachi's Message is the gripping story of God's true Church gone off track in this end time...".

The "untold story"? How dare Stephen Flurry deny his father's work -- the "centerpiece" of PCG literature -- with his approval. But when a Laodicean leader is blind and one follows the other, they're both bound to fall into the ditch.

What can we expect from those who fail to do what Herbert W. Armstrong clearly saw must yet be done and yet none of the groups professing to follow Herbert W. Armstrong have even expressed any interest in doing it? God's apostle said we must REACH THE CITIES OF JUDAH!

Since it appears Gerald Flurry and the Philadelphia Church of God are hard of hearing, the articles offered below, the indictments served, repeat the plain truth of this matter that God led me to share with them earlier, which I continue to stand by and testify is true.

May God grant Gerald Flurry and his son Stephen Flurry, as well as the PCG ministry and laymembers, heartfelt repentance for failing to warn the world in any major way about what is fast coming upon the world.

With all the money they've squandered the whole world could know the warning message. If the PCG continues with Flurrys' folly rather than repent and get busy and DO THE WORK OF GOD -- not merely the misleading works of men -- they will be guilty of the blood of millions, as GOD WARNS THEM:

Ezekiel 3:18
18 When I say to the wicked, 'You shall surely die,' and you give him no warning, nor speak to warn the wicked from his wicked way, to save his life, that same wicked man shall die in his iniquity; but his blood I will require at your hand.

The Great Mideast Commission: Reaching the Cities of Judah

The Work of God Must Go Forward!

PCG: Carrying on "Business as Usual"

God has given the Philadelphia Church of God sufficient room to repent. If they don't, if they remain proud and stubborn like Sodom and Egypt, they will be removed from their position and God will see to it that HIS Work gets done! You can bet your life on it.

Thursday, December 4, 2008


Is David Ben-Ariel A Terrorist?

Apparently, the PCG would mislead you to believe that!

Why would the PCG portray David Ben-Ariel as a terrorist? Especially after complaining about character assassination of Gerald Flurry and the Philadelphia Church of God, of which he is the pastor general? Isn't that hypocrisy that stinks to High Heaven? Are they so hateful against all former members?

The Philadelphia Church of God, based in Edmond, Oklahoma, took out a full page ad in The Oklahoman. It was in livid response to FOX 25's Prime Time News at Nine Special Report on the PCG.

In The Oklahoman ad, Gerald Flurry charges that FOX 25 "built its case against us relying heavily on THAT MAN'S TESTIMONY, even featuring him prominently on their two part series," although the reports totalled nearly 10 minutes or so in duration and I was featured for roughly 40 seconds. Not even 15 minutes of fame there!

Within my very brief appearance (that thankfully flashed Beyond Babylon on the screen, my book, as well as my Philadelphia Church of God blog and photo), I made a total of four comments that were noted in my article: Fox 25 Special Report on Philadelphia Church of God -

Fox 25, Oklahoma City, Special Report:
Philadelphia Church of God: Part One

David Ben-Ariel: I was basically put out..

Reporter Nick Winkler: Former PCG member David Ben-Ariel says he was kicked out of the Church for writing a book [Beyond Babylon: Europe's Rise and Fall] without the Church's approval and says all that money [15 million Art Center on their Edmond, Oklahoma site] could be better spent spreading God's Word differently...

David Ben-Ariel: Hopefully, they'll stop spending their money in Edmond, Oklahoma and use it to become a household word with our teachings and let that become known.

Philadelphia Church of God: Part Two

Nick Winkler: Before Jesus Christ returns...

David Ben-Ariel: Violence, WWIII...yes, there will be lots of violence.

Nick Winkler: Former PCG member David Ben-Ariel says he was kicked out of the Church but still defends its tithing practices...

David Ben-Ariel: Again, it's voluntary but it's understood if you're a Church of God member you will tithe and you'll want to.


Did you read anything in those four comments to justify Gerald Flurry's fury against me? He must of had a vein about to burst when he made steaming reference to me in his attack ad as "THAT MAN'S TESTIMONY" and "that man."

What was so terrible about my testimony? Doesn't the PCG believe any longer that the end of this world, as we know it, will occur with great violence? Is that why they've settled in their comfortable Edmond campus-kingdom and expensively adorn it with what will soon be spoils of war? It wasn't aired, but I had continued to share during the interview that it will get so bad that mankind will demand divine intervention to save us from ourselves, especially the targetted American, British and Jewish peoples.

"I was basically put out..." - did it disturb Flurry that this dubious practice should be made known? That I was disfellowshipped from the Philadelphia Church of God by Gerald Flurry's former wicked counsellor, Dennis Leap, for writing Beyond Babylon without being an ordained minister, and for publicly protesting his abuse of this lay member? I had written articles exposing him playing politics and shared them with brethren, which resulted in me being "marked" by the PCG. God knows my testimony is true, and it can be reviewed here:

Philadelphia Church of God Leads the Laodicean Era (Part 1)
Philadelphia Church of God Leads Laodicean Era (Conclusion)

So what is Gerald Flurry talking about? Did he see the same special report? What warranted his murderous hatred? His vile slander against me, leaving the strong and wrong impression that I am a terrorist? I even upheld their biblical practice of tithing but strongly disagreed with Flurry's misguided focus on Edmond rather than on Jerusalem and the world.

Herbert W. Armstrong always said we should focus on Jerusalem, and that involves far more than scratching the surface with archaeological digs that, at least, the PCG, is involved with in Israel. But it isn't enough, as I decry in: PCG: Carrying on "Business as Usual".

The Great Mideast Commission: Reaching the Cities of Judah

Flurry is floundering in Oklahoma, despite outward appearances. He has foundered his flock, excessively feeding themselves instead of others, feeling they're rich and fat and sassy and in need of nothing, but they're ready for slaughter - if they don't repent and do more!

The PCG does offer lots of literature, but it's nothing compared to what they could be doing with all that money squandered in Edmond. Besides, why does Flurry want to impress the world rather than warn them about a German-dominated Europe that will soon strike us with nuclear lightning?

The Watchmen are to sound the alarm and roar like a lion, not purr like a pussy cat! Once folks find out what the collective Body of Christ, the Sabbath-keeping Church of God really believes, all the various groups associated with the biblical teachings that Herbert W. Armstrong taught, not just the PCG, they'll hate us!

My unjust deportation from Israel, from the Jewish homeland that I love, was due to unwarranted hatred of the plain truth, by godless Israeli authorities who despise Torah-observant Jews and Christian Zionists who remind them of their Hebrew roots and biblical responsibilities. They prefer to worship at the altar of humanism and act like Hellenists, wanting to become like the world rather than a light to all nations.

Flurry's ad referred to me as "a man that the Israeli police suspects of being involved in terrorist activity." Of course, he offers no proof of it, as they never did either - because there isn't a shred of evidence to even suggest such nonsense! What is clear is that some are terrorized by the truth! So, yes, in that sense, I am a terrorist!

Apparently, it terrorized the Germans and the Jesuits, and their treacherous Jewish puppets, when I had an article published in The Traveller - read throughout Israel - exposing the German-Vatican plot to occupy Jerusalem. It was shortly after its publication that I was visited where I lived and worked, the Palm Youth Hostel outside the Damascus Gate, and taken for six and a half hours of nighttime interrogation by six different men.

I was NEVER arrested, because I was never charged with any crime, because I was never guilty of any of the false accusations some wickedly indulge in spewing. I was detained and later unjustly deported. Those are the facts.

When I attempted to return the same year of my unjust deportation (1996) I was detained at the airport and refused entry. In 1997 I petitioned Senator Mike DeWine to inquire about a visa for me and he received an initial reply from Itzhak Oren, Minister for Congressional Affairs, March 7, 1997, that read, in part:

"It is our understanding that Mr. Ben-Ariel will not be granted a tourist visa at this time...The Ministry of the Interior...has made the decision not to grant the visa and does not offer any information behind their decision."

That was in regard to the requested visa, not to my former unjust deportation! Note the difference. Consequent correspondence informed Senator DeWine that I would not be "eligible for a tourist visa until 2005." They never said I couldn't return. In fact, in God's good time, I expect to return to Zion.

Regarding my unjust deportation, that political prostitute, former Consul General in Jerusalem, Edward Abington, Jr., wrote the Honorable Marcy Kaptur, my Congressional representative, June 28, 1996:

"On June 6, 1996 the Consulate General in Jerusalem received your letter of May 6, 1996 about the deportation of David Ben-Ariel.

On April 2, 1996, we responded to an earlier query of yours about Mr. Ben- Ariel. In that letter we noted that Mr. Ben-Ariel was held at the Jerusalem jail from January 4, 1996 until February 1, 1996, when he was deported by the Israeli government for overstaying his permission to stay in Israel...(emphasis mine).

Blow up the Mosques or an Expired Visa?

My strong response to his incompetence, to his pro-Nazi Muslim and anti-Jewish and anti-Christian stance, has been made very public, since my letter to Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur is available for all to see and read: Why Edward Abington, Jr. Must Be Investigated!

The United States State Department, Senators DeWine and Voinovich, Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur and the Israeli authorities among many others, know I was never deported from Israel for anything other than "an expired visa." Which is just another lie, since it was not expired as I had that special piece of paper from the Ministry of the Interior, but they used that lame excuse to cover themselves since the plain truth was, as Gershon Salomon, honored to help liberate the Temple Mount during the miraculous Six Day War in 1967, chairman of the Temple Mount Faithful, stated: "This is a clear cut case of politico-religious discrimination."

It's an abomination that Gerald and Stephen Flurry would conspire as two false witnesses against me, useful idiots for the corrupt Israeli oligarchy, something we can expect from the unconverted world, from those who disagree with our religious beliefs, but it's a Judas-type betrayal for professing Christians to backstab a brother!

And when the pastor general of the PCG treats such vicious rumors as fact, which he hated when supposedly done to him, and speaks of them as "that man's troubling past" and "potentially dangerous influence," and refers to me as a "dangerous critic," he's proven how unsound his judgment is and how irrational he's become - especially when honest and objective folks can see all I correctly criticized was Dennis Leap playing politics about Beyond Babylon and Gerald Flurry wasting tithe money in his own backyard.

David Ben-Ariel
Author, Beyond Babylon: Europe's Rise and Fall

Beyond Babylon author attacked in ad

Gerald Flurry's Outrageous Attack Against David Ben-Ariel

Gerald Flurry, pastor general of the PCG, is guilty of what he charges others. The disgruntled leader of the Edmond, Oklahoma-based Philadelphia Church of God has launched an outrageous attack against me due to his indignation over FOX 25's Primetime News at Nine special report on the PCG that aired two nights in a row. Flurry's fury was poured out in a full-page ad in The Oklahoman today.

Fox 25 Special Report on Philadelphia Church of God

Gerald Flurry has every right to offer his review of the special report on the PCG (and some of his ire is merited), but one wonders why he refused to be interviewed and set the record straight then, and even tape it himself to avoid being taken out of context?

Gerald Flurry hypocritically rants and raves against yellow journalism, scandalous unsubstantiated allegations, "telling part of the truth can make the truth out to be a lie," and then turns right around and engages in all those "dangerously demented tactics" against the Branch Davidians and against David Ben-Ariel - little ol' me!

Gerald Flurry (and son Stephen Flurry) feigns surprise that I knew about the special report allegedly before they did, but he fails to make honest mention that I sent out that information to both the PCG and many other of the Church of God branches, as many can testify. Considering how his former right-hand man and terrible sycophant (who was a cruel counsellor to many of the battered brethren), Dennis Leap, apparently withheld information from him about my book, Beyond Babylon, I wouldn't be surprised if he didn't know what was going on. I tried.

Gerald Flurry should be ashamed that he would abuse me as his straw man against reporter Nick Winkler and Fox 25, especially when I made it very clear to Mr. Winkler that I did not want to be part of any hit piece after I reviewed some questions he graciously sent me, as these emails prove:

David wrote:
I'm curious if those questions are for everybody you'll talk to or do you plan to talk to present members of the PCG too for balance or not or what? Is it a hit piece or an honest and unbiased report?

Original Message
From: Nick Winkler
Sent: Oct 14, 2008 8:25 PM
To: David
Subject: Re: (no subject)

No. I plan on contacting Flurry and members who live nearby.
I understand they may even be having an open house for the public.
Those questions will be asked of Flurry as well.
Feel free to disagree with the nature of any of the questions.
Correct anything you think is not being asked fairly.
Some of the questions are derived from law enforcement who have
investigated the church in the past.
Feel free to ask me whatever you'd like..or to add to the questions I sent.


From: "David"
To: "Nick Winkler"
Sent: Tuesday, October 14, 2008 8:28 PM
Subject: Constructive criticism
I'm pleasantly surprised by your refreshing reply, Nick. Thank you. The questions simply seemed biased and hateful IF those are the only questions that bitter former members would revel in but someone like me wouldn't want to be party to since we have constructive criticism (even TOUGH LOVE) of the PCG and still maintain the same basic beliefs as they do: Sabbath, holy days, dietary laws, no pagan holidays or traditional heaven and hell BS from Rome.

You might have noted in several articles I took Mr. Flurry to task, saying IF he truly believes we're in the last of the last days, why is he spending a fortune in Edmond (on jewels, buildings, etc.) instead of getting the Word out and becoming a household name? It is inconsistent and a squandering of time and money.

If Mr. Flurry or current Church members speak with you, I'll be surprised, since Mr. Armstrong told us all years ago how he ONCE permitted himself to be interviewed and after they "edited" it and went with it he felt totally betrayed and misrepresented. A great and deserving mistrust exists among the brethren due to such negative experiences. I'm willing to be interviewed, because what have I got to lose? :-)


Gerald Flurry, and son Stephen Flurry, wrote in his full page ad:

"Our Church briefly communicated with David Ben-Ariel in the early 1990s.
But we quickly cut off all contact after learning about his bizarre and even radical views." And then he goes on to mention: "Ben-Ariel -- whose name used to be Hoover -- was detained by Israeli police and interrogated for six hours for allegedly plotting to blow up the Al-Aqsa mosque" and was later deported. Flurry failed to report that the Israeli authorities acknowledged to The Jerusalem Post that they "lacked sufficient evidence" to convict me - because there was no plot except the one they conspired against me, due to an article published in The Traveller magazine in Jerusalem, as revealed within: Exposing the German-Vatican Plot to Occupy Jerusalem and Still at Large!

Gerald Flurry and son failed to mention I was an official member of the Philadelphia Church of God in the early 1990s, and that I was put out of the PCG for daring to write a book, Beyond Babylon: Europe's Rise and Fall, without being an ordained minister. Dennis Leap was infuriated when I told him that by his insistence that I must be a minister to write such a book, he was still looking to "men of stature" (which Flurry's book, Malachi's Message, condemns) and that he was unbiblical and playing politics by his dictates that I must "forget about Beyond Babylon" and act "like a regular lay member." I was disfellowshipped and later "marked" after exposing all this in various *articles (which is what reporter Nick Day found on the Internet and is why he contacted me).

Wayne Turgeon [Gerald Flurry's son-in-law] handed Flurry a print out of Beyond Babylon years ago and he returned it to him saying, "He's always sending us stuff." Mr. Flurry even responded to me several times on various issues including his confusion of Mount Carmel with Mount Hermon which I brought to his attention (having been blessed to live next to both of them), and my disagreement with him when he said the pope was the only religious leader to sit on a throne and I mentioned the Queen of England is also head of the Anglican Church (although agreeing with the point he was making against the Roman Catholic Cult)... Later I sent an autographed copy of a self-published BB (Beyond Babylon) [before Publish America published it] to Flurry's home for him and his wife who said to me (during the Feast of Tabernacles in Louisville) about my name, "What a strong Judah name!"

- excerpt from Politics in the Church of God Hinders Progress

When Caesar Plays God: When the State Oversteps its Bounds

*Philadelphia Church of God Leads the Laodicean Era (Part 1)
Philadelphia Church of God Leads Laodicean Era (Conclusion)

Gerald Flurry and son failed to mention that the PCG believes in the same "bizarre and even radical views" that I do, whether it's about a German-EU, under the heavy influence of the Roman Catholic Church, that will brutally betray the American, British and Jewish peoples, igniting WWIII, and that professing Christian holidays like Christmas and Easter are nothing but baptized paganism, idolatry and immorality, that are fuel on the fires of God's judgment upon our White Israelite nations, leading to destruction, defeat and deportation!

The Intelligence Summit Misses the Mark: the German-Jesuit Threat to World Peace

Gerald Flurry's attack against me failed to address the two issues I raised:
1) How I was put out of the PCG for writing Beyond Babylon, and 2) how he's wasting tithes on a $15 million Art Center on their Edmond, Oklahoma site instead of properly getting out the Word of God, as I decry in PCG: Carrying on "Business as Usual".

Gerald Flurry has been given an opportunity to go public, taking out full page ads that I called upon him to do years ago, to share our beliefs, the plain truth of the Bible, to warn the world, now that FOX 25 has afforded him coverage. May God bless Gerald Flurry to repent and do just that.

David Ben-Ariel
Author, Beyond Babylon: Europe's Rise and Fall

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Why are We Afraid to be Jewish?

A Voice from Hebron by Gary M. Cooperberg

Why are We Afraid to be Jewish?
December 3, 2008

The State of Israel was established as a homeland for the Jewish People. While the founding fathers were secular Jews, inspired by Biblical Zionism, their attempt to create a secular zionism resulted in the confusion we see today. Ben Gurion certainly wanted to placate the Arabs as well as use them for his political advantage, but he also recognized the absolute necessity to maintain complete Jewish control of the Jewish State. He went so far as to suggest that, should the Arabs refuse to accept the Jewish character of Israel, they will be driven out if necessary.

Today secular zionism has completely fallen apart. The very concept of a Jewish State is being questioned by our own leaders. Not only are our Arab enemies given full citizenship in our country, including membership in our Knesset, but plans are being made by Jewish leaders to cede parts of our homeland in order to create a new Arab enemy state, where Jews will be forbidden to live, within the borders of the Jewish State... for “peace”.

Our government and court system seems to be suffering from national suicidal tendencies. It is taking measures which, under normal circumstances, would guarantee the destruction of the country they are sworn to protect! Any action taken against our enemies is called “racism”. Self-respecting Jews who try to stand up for Jewish rights are labeled “racists” by our own leaders! Yet it is our own government which practices discrimination against her own constituents!

Everyone has heard of the confrontation at Beit HaShalom in Hebron. Jews purchased a building from an Arab and moved in. Despite the fact that this legal transaction took place and that Jewish families are living in the building, because the Arab now claims that he did not sell the building, a claim backed up with no evidence what so ever, the government has decided to forcibly remove the Jewish families.

I wonder how many people have heard of Yitzchak Herskovitz. This elderly Jew bought property in Bet Tzafafa, a Jerusalem suburb, nearly fifteen years ago. When he went to take possession he discovered Arab squatters living there. When they refused to leave Herskovitz took them to court.

Although he is no youngster, he spent his time and lots of money going through the Israeli justice system. After thirteen years of fighting, he proved, beyond a shadow of a doubt, not only that the property is legally his, but that the Arab squatters are not only liars and thieves, but they are not even Israeli citizens and are not legally permitted even to be in Israel!

Herskovitz got court orders, on several occasions, to have the intruders evicted from his property. Every time either the Arabs found a legal loophole to reopen the court case or the police refused to carry out the court order for fear of violence beyond their control. To this day Herskovitz is fighting to gain possession of his property and the Arabs are still living upon it!

If Justice Beinish is so concerned about enforcing the law, why are these Arab criminals not punished, aside from being evicted? If the courts have proved, beyond a shadow of a doubt that these Arab squatters are thieves as well as illegal aliens, why are they still living on Herskovitz’s land? And if there is any reason what so ever to justify their being there, how is it that Jews, living in a legitmately purchased property must be forcibly evicted merely upon the unjustified claim of an Arab whose very life is in danger because he sold a home in Israel to a Jew?

If there is racism in Israel it is on the part of the government of Israel against her own people. The so called “peace” process has brainwashed our leadership into supporting our enemies and undermining loyal Jews! The term “settler” has acquired an evil connotation. The press presents those who are loyal to genuine Zionism as crazy hooligans. They conveniently forget that all of the modern state of Israel was created by “settlers” without which there would be no Jewish State.

The modern leadership of the Jewish State has forgotten the most basic concepts of even secular zionism and is actively working to undo the Jewish character of the Jewish State. With leaders like this we have no need for enemies.

It is truly a shame that we fail to realize the greatness which is destined for our country. Rather than fleeing from that greatness we should be embracing it. Redemption is ready for us, but it would seem that we are not ready for Redemption. Expelling Jews from any part of our homeland is a desecration of our G-d and a rejection of our obligations as Jews. The same is true about our failure to expel our enemies. Our hapless leaders are so busy trying to placate the world, an effort in futility, that they fail to try to placate the Creator of the universe who has performed countless miracles, not only to return Jews to our ancient homeland, but to protect us from our enemies and even our own leaders.

No power on Earth can stop the Biblical process of Redemption. But all those who try to interfere will be punished for their efforts. The future of the Jewish People in all of the Land of Israel is guaranteed by G-d. All but the completely blind can see Divine intervention turn a country, which should have disappeared even before it was reborn, into a truly modern and growing nation which sets standards for the world to emulate. And this in spite of leaders who are working against the process.

Project Shofar is sounding the alarm in an effort to wake up the Jewish people and the world to the G-dly process which has already begun. The murder of innocent Jews in India should remind us that it is not the Jewish State, rather the Jewish People as a whole, which faces the hatred of G-dless people. Those murdered in India were not living in the “occupied territories”. They were murdered simply because they were Jews. We are “a nation that stands alone, not to be reckoned among the nations of the world.” Just as G-d stands with us and protects us, we must stand with G-d and sanctify His Name. When we recognize this fact and turn our complete trust unto the Living G-d of Israel by coming home and standing up to the entire world, we will hasten the Redemption and bring an end to terror. Only thus will we ever find true peace.

A Voice from Hebron by Gary M. Cooperberg
P.O. Box 1444,
Kiryat Arba-Hebron, Israel 90100
Tel. 972-2-996-3761
Fax 972-2-996-1778
Email: gary@projectshofar.org
Website: http://www.projectshofar.org

Project Shofar is dedicated to spreading these truths wherever it is possible to do so. It is sounding the alarm, to Jew and Gentile alike,to open our eyes to the G-dly process that is presently underway, and work to support it. We dare not stand idly on the sidelines.

Lying Visions of Peace

Israel's Betrayal of the Jews

Shimon Peres Has No Clothes: Where's the Peace?

EU to Conquer Anglo-Saxons and Jews


Why is a Rabbi?

Why kill a Rabbi?
03.12. 2008
Original content copyright by the author

Zionism & Israel Center http://zionism-israel.com/

You probably never heard of Professor Hafiz Muhammad Saeed, and you weren't missing anything. But he knows about us. Hafiz Muhammad Saeed is the head of the Jamaat-ud-Dawah, which is another tentacle of the demented Lashkar-e-Taiba (Army of the Righteous) group that killed about 200 (or is it more now?) people in Pakistan, including 9 Jews. They admitted that they deliberately targeted Jews, and it is not surprising.

It is not just not surprising because that sort of lunatic always targets Jews. You see, the learned Hafiz Muhammad Saeed has a special theory, according to which, "America, Israel, and India had joined their forces to destroy Pakistan’s defence." Is it clear now? Israel, which has a population of about 7 million on a good day when there are not a million Israeli tourists in India and elsewhere, is going to destroy Pakistan, which has a population of about 164 million. Had the child's nanny not been been so resourceful and devoted, the terrorists would have also killed little Moshe, the rabbi's infant son. The boy is now safe, and no doubt he alone is going to destroy Pakistan's defense. So now you understand the "reason" why it was necessary to kill a Rabbi, his pregnant wife, some Kashrut supervisors and a few other unfortunate Jews, not to mention scores of Indians, British and Americans. Leibish, the Kashrut supervisor from Brooklyn, was going to destroy Pakistan's defenses. This noble act will no doubt make Americans, Indians and Israelis be much more kindly disposed to Pakistan and its defenses.

Don't scoff. There are those who believe we need to dialog with these people and understand the deep motives for terrorism. And their voices, the voices of cowardice and foolishness, will get louder with each terror attack. But there aren't any deep motives that can be understood by ordinary people. Saeed is either a crook out for money and power or he and his acolytes are demented. As I noted previously (see Zionist Perspective: Terror Nightmare in Mumbai and elsewhere (Mumbai terror and Somali Pirates) religion, ideology and political issues are all besides the point for these sociopaths. The supposed Quranic rationale for their murders makes no more or less sense than the idea that rabbis and American tourists are going to destroy Pakistan's defenses. They are a distraction from the real issue: getting money and power.

As we might have predicted, there are inevitably degenerate psychopaths who insist that the attacks were really carried out by the Mossad, as you can see here:

countercurrents.org/jazbhay011208.htm. And there are equally demented Americans who believe the same drivel:

The week prior to the attacks, George Soros was part of an OSI delegation to Pakistan to have a visit with the new prime minister. Given Soros' connections, I'd say the meeting didn't go so well.

This Mumbai action was a criminal syndicate hit made to LOOK like it came from Pakistan. But it's the Mossad and the Brits working together to move Ibrahim out of the drug business. Apparently Ibrahim has gotten too big for his britches.

Al Qaeda's got nothing to do with it, save a straw-man the GWOT afficionados can use to tighten the screws down on us, worldwide, even more than they already have.

That is from OpEdNews.com/maxwrite/diarypage.php?did=10987. It's not the only article like that at OpEdNews. The publisher of OpEdNews is Rob Kall rob@opednews.com, a Jew who should know better.

To be sure, the US has a connection to Lashkar-e-Taiba, which was allegedly set up by the CIA and the Pakistani ISI to fight the USSR in Afghanistan. But Leibish the Kashrut guy from Brooklyn doesn't know George Soros, trust me on that. And you can be sure that Soros has nothing to do with the Mossad.

Ami Isseroff

Beit Hashalom threatened

Received from Women in Green:

In reaction to the masses of expulsion troops that are flowing to Chevron, indicating clearly that an expulsion from Beit Hashalom is near, Rabbi Dov Lior and Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu came this morning to Beit Hashalom and after meeting with the united action committee for Beit Hashalom they wrote the following urgent appeal (in Hebrew, and here is the translation):

The injustice is shouting up to the heavens! Beit Hashalom was bought with money fully and legally like Me'arat HaMachpelah. Rabbi Dov Lior Shlita, and Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu Shlita call upon all to immediately come to Beit Hashalom in Chevron to protect and defend the house and the honor of Am Yisrael and Eretz Yisrael.

Rabbi Dov Lior
Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu
Women For Israel's Tomorrow (Women in Green)
POB 7352, Jerusalem 91072, Israel
Tel: 972-2-624-9887 Fax: 972-2-624-5380

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Jonathan Ehrlich

From Naomi Ragen:

I sent you the words of brave tourist Jonathan Ehrlich who escaped the terrorists in Mumbai.

Watch him speak in this remarkable CNN interview.


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More Plaut Nonsense

Re: Conspiracist Nonsense

Truth is stranger than fiction.

Again apparent Shabak stooge Steven Plaut foolishly throws out the baby with the bathwater and vainly attempts to lump all "conspiracists" together. Steven Plaut is especially obsessed against those who refuse to believe the BIG LIE: the official Israeli cover-up of the murder of Yitzhak Rabin.

If only Mr. Plaut would study history and learn something, he would see that it has been filled with very real conspiracies (that the Steven Plauts of those days, like these days, mocked and were later proven dead wrong). This much we know for sure: Shimon Peres came to power over Rabin's dead body.

The blood of Yitzhak Rabin still cries out for justice, as his murderers remain free and some even perch in high positions. Why does Steven Plaut despise Yitzhak Rabin and hatefully work to silence those who demand Israel reopen the Rabin file?

Avishai Raviv, Eyal, and Yitzhak Rabin

Vatican Linked to the Assassination of Yitzhak Rabin?

Re: Steven Plaut's hateful rant against David Ben-Ariel

Comment #6 was not written by me, as honest and objective readers recognize. Unlike my blogs that bear other names, I don't pretend to be such people.


Kibbutz Adamit

Here are some photos of Kibbutz Adamit volunteers and kibbutzniks, in and around Kibbutz Adamit (on the border of Lebanon up on a mountain from where on clear days you could see all the way to Haifa on Mount Carmel), with a few of Rosh Hanikra, Rainbow Bridge, the valley below us where we listened to hyenas - or were they wolves? - with their hauntingly beautiful howls and wild pigs rooted in the orchards and we lived with rumors of war... and from where I wrote a letter that was published in the Jerusalem Post ...Enjoy the pics!

Kibbutz Adamit photos

Monday, December 1, 2008

Gershon Salomon's letter of commendation for David Ben-Ariel

Gershon Salomon's letter of commendation for David Ben-Ariel

Emergency Action Alert for Bet Hashalom

From Women in Green:

Dear Friends,
We here in Bet Hashalom are receiving information and are even witnessing that over the past 12 hours many Border Police are flowing to Hevron. There is certainly great reason to worry that the authorities are planning the expulsion from Bet Hashalom in the next 24-48 hours.

Emergency Action Alert for Bet Hashalom